Rajinikanth Man vs Wild Episode Release Date & Time, Duration, Channel | Know It All Here

Superstar Rajinikanth becomes the second person across the country to feature in an episode of Man vs Wild after the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi. By the looks of it, Rajinikanth Sir will feature alongside Bear Grylls, the notable TV Presenter. Rajinikanth has reportedly flown to Mysore this week on Monday and he will begin the shooting in the popular Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

Sources are suggesting that Bear Grylls has reportedly reached Bandipur this week. Moreover, he is going to begin shooting with Rajinikanth by Tuesday night. The senior official of the forest department said that they have given permission to shoot in ranges such as Maddur, Mullehole, and lastly Kalkere.

Rajinikanth Man vs Wild Episode Release Date & Time, Duration, Channel | Know It All Here

The official has provided that the permission to shoot the groundbreaking episode for Sultan Batteri Highway and several ranges such as Maddur, Mulleholle, and Kalkere. Moreover, the episode is going to be shot in the non-tourist zones to showcase the true wildlife nature of Bandipur Tiger Reserve. As the TV Programme has been given permission to shoot in the wilderness of Wild Karnataka, hence they were also given permission to shoot in the non-tourist zones.

Moreover, patrolling activities and tourist activities are going to be affected significantly. So far, the shooting is going to be done right under exceptional forest protection. In addition to this, no one is going to be aware as to where the shooting will be conducted. Several reports are suggesting that Rajinikanth is the second Indian who is going to appear on the critically acclaimed show of Bear Grylls after the Prime Minister.

In the previous year, mainly in August, India’s Prime Minister combined his forces with Bear Grylls to provide a special episode. In this episode, the duo went for an off-track journey right around Jim Corbett National Park which is situated in Uttarakhand. It is yet to be revealed as to when this episode is going to premiere in Man VS Wild.

Rajnikanth was recently seen in the hit film, Darbar. He will be seen next in the forthcoming film Thalaivar 168.

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