Indian 2 Shooting Accident – A crane mishap killed 3 people and Shankar director is gravely injured

A massive disaster recently took place in the film unit of Indian 2 which involved the notable director Shankar and the popular Indian actor Kamal Hassan. The sources are suggesting that the accident which has taken some lives took place at the time a set was being constructed in the Western part of Chennai Poonamale in the EVP Film City.

The recent reports which came from the sets suggest that around three people passed away at the time of the accident. Among the three deceased people, two were the assistant directors and frequent collaborators of S. Shankar. The name of the two assistants are Madhu and Krishna they were 29 and 34 years old.

The crane fell directly on a blue tent’s upper side which people of the set seemed to be where several camera monitors were placed. The director, as well as his assistant, were standing right under the tent when the crane fell on them. Director Shankar’s leg is severely injured and he was rushed to the hospital immediately.

The injured people were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and the cast and crew members of Indian 2 are reported to be safe. S. Shankar is one of the notable as well as the highest-paid directors in the entire country. Moreover, his films and filmography have shaped the Film industry since the 90s.

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