Mitigating cybersecurity threats in education institutions

Cybersecurity has become a top concern for every business, but malicious actors don’t only target large commercial enterprises. Educational institutions are also prone to cybercriminal activity, mainly because they rely more than ever on the Internet, using many devices and having diverse operating systems. In fact, a recent Microsoft Security Intelligence report shows that education … Read more

MyGroundBiz Login – Access Your Account at

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Top 10 latest medical technologies that are revolutionising the industry

The medicine industry has suffered tremendous changes throughout the years for the sake of innovation and has progressed substantially in the past decade. However, health conditions are becoming more challenging to treat, and the medical field has struggled to keep up with people’s issues since the pandemic. Unfortunately, when the medical staff is overwhelmed by … Read more

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Video Conferencing Platform in India: Cut Travel Costs and Increase Productivity

Generally, video conferences are an information technology section that allows you to process, converse, present and transfer information from short or long distances using computer hardware and software.  Previously, people could only use audio technology to transmit information, but with the invention of the visual system, it has become much easier and more convenient.  A … Read more

UEI Student Portal Login Online at

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HenryFordConnect – Henry Health System at

Henry Health Trust is one of the biggest names in the health sector. For years, it has offered patients quality services and facilities to make their health journey easier. In addition, Henry Health Trust has crafted a high-tech online platform, Henryfordconnect, to help users access many medical plans, urgent medical facilities, healthcare services, and much … Read more

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