Myhr Mizzou Login At

Mizzou, or the University of Missouri, is one of the most reputed public research universities in Columbia. Being the largest university in Missouri, Mizzou is well-known for its quality education and world-class facilities. To ensure the university delivers its peak potential, Mizzou maintains a vast employee base. The university has created an online portal, Myhr Mizzou, to make working more convenient and improve traceability at

Myhr Mizzou is an official HR portal managed by the University of Missouri. By simply logging into the portal, the registered employees can access all beneficiary plans and perform many online tasks like viewing their pay stubs, checking their paycheck’s status, scheduling their work, and claiming employment benefits.

More About Mizzou – Myhr Employee Portal

The University of Missouri (Mizzou) is one of the largest public research institutes in Columbia. The university was set up in 1839 and is the oldest public university in Missouri. With an enrollment rate of over 30,000 per year, the university offers more than 300 degree programs. The university also operates the University of Health Care, supervising several hospitals and clinics in Missouri. Therefore, to ensure the proper functioning of such a vast ecosystem, the University of Missouri (Mizzou) has formulated the best measures. It has designed the Myhr Mizzou portal to allow its employees complete access to the perks and facilities offered.

By logging into the employee portal, the registered working staff can perform many tasks like checking and managing their work schedule, viewing their paychecks, applying for leave, and many other HR-related operations. So, if you are a non-tech employee wondering how to use the portal, we have the complete guide. Check out all the details below.

Myhr Mizzou Login At

Benefits of Using Myhr Mizzou Employee Portal 

Here are the key reasons why every active member of the University of Missouri must use the Myhr Mizzou portal –

  • The online portal allows registered employees to view their pay stubs.
  • It enables them to control their working schedule and modify it conveniently.
  • Myhr Mizzou allows the employees to view and manage their salary & other policy details.
  • The employees can also apply for leave through the online portal.
  • They can also access work data and all-important emails on the Myhr portal.

Myhr Mizzou Login Requirements 

  • The employee must be registered with the university.
  • They must have login credentials.
  • They must have their personal information like employee ID and more.
  • They need a stable internet connection device to log into the website.
  • They must have a valid email registered with the company.

How To Log Into Mizzou Myhr Portal? Complete Step-by-Step Guide 

Logging into the Myhr portal is hassle-free and easy. With valid login credentials, it’s a child’s play to enter your account. Follow these steps to log into your Myhr Mizzou account –

Myhr Mizzou
Myhr Mizzou
  • Visit the official Myhr Mizzou website at
  • Wait till you reach the login page.
  • Now enter your username and password in the specified areas.
  • Tick the enable screen reader more as “Yes.”
  • Hit the “Login” button to get to the Myhr Mizzou dashboard.
  • Once you get to the dashboard, you can freely use all the facilities and features of the University of Missouri.

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Myhr Mizzou Customer Service 

If you need any assistance related to the online portal of Mizzou, you can reach out to the support desk via –

  • Email – [email protected]
  • Contact number – 573.882.5000
  • Address – University of Missouri/ UM System Division of Information Technology 615 Locust St., Columbia, MO, 65211