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Telegraph Star Team

Santhosh Namballa

Lead Writer

I'm a 27-year-old travel enthusiast, travel and nature photographer, Computer Science graduate and a Mass Communication student. Have seen different shades of life through travelling and lived different lives through reading. With every word I write, I travel within and I understand myself better. Writing helps me discover myself and that paved roads for me to chose writing as a profession.

Suchita Verma


Hi, my name is Suchita Verma; I’m a movie and series enthusiast, the genre has always baffled me, and that led my path to write the stuff. I am a movie enthusiast. That passion from movies is what got me into creative writing. I dream to be a novel author someday. I wanna pen down something as thirst-quenching as Guillermo Del Toro’s 'Pan's Labyrinth' and 'The Wachowskis'.

Vaishnavi Reddy

Fact Checker

Graduated from the WTH Aachen University , Germany. Vaishnavi Reddy is dedicated to making sure the content we produce is factually accurate. She also makes sure the quality of news we publish is up to standards. She was a YouTube Journalist making investigative Informative videos. It is her deeply-rooted love for investigative reporting that led her to become a part of the Oracle Globe team in 2019.

Santhosh Karthick Thapsi

Technical Head

Santhosh Karthick Thapsi is a talented software engineer, he oversees backend and fronted infrastructure for Telegraph Star. He makes sure the site is running optimally 24/7 and also constantly doing technical innovations to improve user experience.

Tulsi Rajeswari

Associate Editor

Tulsi did Bachelor in Laws and just after graduation, she joined Telegraph Star. Her interest in films and pop culture made her right in place to Associate Editor for Telegraph Star. She is also a up and coming writer who published a series of murder mystery novels.