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MyGroundBiz is an online portal designed by FedEx for its users. The registered users are entitled to a wide array of services and benefits through the MyGroundBiz online portal. This article is intended to inform our readers of the MyGroundBiz online portal features, a few of its benefits, registration, and login process. Keep reading below to learn more about the portal and how to log in.

What is MyGroundBiz?

MyGroundBiz is an online portal that serves the FedEx(R&D) workforce and Linehaul pickup and delivery services. The portal gives access to its customers to news and information, company services and information, sales and suppliers links, merchant data, and much more. The FedEx organization was established in 1971 and is headquartered in Memphis, TN, USA.


MyGroundBiz Registration

Signup/ registration with MyGroundBiz is a straightforward process that can be completed in the below-mentioned steps.

  • To start the registration, visit the official website
  • You will see different options where you have to click on the option and click on Get Started on the landing page.


  • Directly go to Create Account and fill in the required details, including name, email, and password, to register with MyGroundBiz.
  • Upon your registration, you shall receive an email from the team containing further instructions, which must be read and understood. In addition, the activation link included in the mail has to be visited to activate your Account.
  • The registration process will be completed after successfully activating the newly created Account. So make sure you don’t miss the email.

Now that we have completed the registration, let’s look at the login procedure for MyGroundBiz online portal account holders.

MyGroundBiz Login

To access the online portal services, you must be logged in. The portal services are unavailable offline, so you must log in whenever you require assistance. Let us now dive through the steps in logging in to your Account.


  • On your browser, visit the official web page of MyGround Biz at
  • You can see the login section on the left end of the landing page.
  • Submit your FedEx ID and click on Log in.
  • You will be asked to fill in details like your username and password created during the registration process. Submit the parties, and you will be redirected to your MyGroundBiz account home page.

If you forget your password or your current password expires, you need not worry.


MyGroundBiz Password Reset

To reset your password, you will have to dial 1-855-639-7793. Then, you will be able to reach a partner at MyGroundBiz. They may request critical dates, including your name, email address, phone number, and so on, to generate a new password. Upon receiving the new password, you can continue logging in by the same procedure and enjoy the portal’s services.

Suppose you have any query relating to the site or its services or face any issues during the abovementioned steps. In that case, you can always contact customer service on the MyGroundBiz portal.

MyGroundBiz Contact Info

To contact customer service, you can quickly fill out a form and submit it to the official website. Then, go to the Contact MyGroundBiz option and fill in the mandatory data, including the user contractor ID, full name, phone number, email address, facility number, and your inquiry area and subject. Shortly after submitting, the team will contact you to solve the issue raised. This contact form enables the user to give feedback, get help regarding a technical issue, or even contact a Business Development Solutions Representative.

You can also contact the organization in case of require any assistance at the following number: 1-800-4357647. Action will be taken soon after a request is received.

The MyGroundBiz portal is trusted by all its users across the US, making it a people’s choice portal. Check out the various benefits you can acquire by registering with this MyGround Biz online portal and what makes it a loved one.

MyGroundBiz Benefits and Features

  • You can always access the latest news by signing in to the portal.
  • All the information displayed or in connection with the system is always current.
  • The team at MyGroundBiz makes sure all the information and services lent by the portal are of high quality.
  • MyGroundBiz portal makes it easier to complete shipping and delivery in different regions.
  • You can gain access to exclusive information about your company.
  • You can gain access to financial details, including statements.
  • Services relating to vehicle trading and links are available at the portal.
  • The stories of the users who benefitted from the MyGround Biz portal are added to the webpage that inspire fellow users.
  • The portal is ascertained to have made the lives of all employers and users much more accessible.
  • The portal has also been used and reviewed as the best by millions of users across the US.
  • The services of the MyGround Biz portal are not limited to the US but are available anywhere in the world.
  • The staff at MyGroundBiz gets to serve the best network company globally.

If we were able to help you trigger an urge to be a part of the My Ground Biz team, here are your options.

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MyGroundBiz Services

MyGround Biz portal and its services are provided to all individuals registered in business at the FedEx Ground store. However, if you wish to join FedEx Ground, you can enroll in any services below.

  1. Pickup and Delivery: This begins your journey as an R&D partner. You can join in to collect the shipment from the shippers and deliver them to the FedEx Ground store. Transportation from the FedEx hub to the recipients is available at different locations.
  2. Line Haul: Enrolling in this service means you will be part of transporting the FedEx Ground trailers from station to station or facility to facility. You also can transportation between FedEx facilities and delivery stations.

I hope we were able to help you today. Keep reading our articles for more news and knowledge.