Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Vote: Who Will Get Eliminated This Week? | Deepika, Shine, Kuri Prataap In Danger

010By the looks of it, Bigg Boss has entered a very important phase as the show is an inch closer to the forthcoming grand finale. The week the contestants were seen fighting the ultimate test regarding elimination round much before the awaited Grand Finale that the Kannada audience is waiting for.

The show will feature its final eviction at the end of the week; additionally, the Bigg Boos has added a new twist in the storyline of the film. In the previous week, Harish Raj has been eliminated. It is important to note that the previous week was supposed to be the last elimination of the show, but this is not the fact.

Bigg Boss

It looks like the real test of the contestants is going to start now. Now the remaining contestants of the show how to connect with the audience seamlessly as it is the audience of Bigg Boss that will save them.

Bigg Boss Kannada 7 This Week’s Elimination 

It is evident that the contestants are doing everything in their might to convince the audience that they are the potential winners. In addition to this, the contestants and making connections with the audience on an everyday basis. Now, tasks are getting tough in the reality show. In addition to this, the contestants are also exhibiting bonhomie behavior as the season is on the verge of completion.

So far, the contestants nominated this week are Bhoomi, Deepika, Shine, Kuri Prataap and Vasuki.

You have to vote for your favorite contestants if you wish to save them this week. So whom are you doing to vote? And who do you think will be eliminated? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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