National Scholarship Portal Login – Registration and Application Form

The NSP or National Scholarship Portal is a solution which provides services such as student application to process the scholarships. Moreover, this is the official website for the scholarships which is provided by the state as well as the central governments. The NSP Portal works as a platform for 50 distinctive scholarships which aids hundreds of millions for students.

NSP is also one of the crucial National e-Governance Plan which comes under the Mission Mode Project. Through this article, you will be provided with the details as to how you can complete the NSP Login, Renewal and Registration process to garner scholarships.

Logging in to NSP Scholarship

The common online portal for most of the scholarship schemes comes under the State, Union Government and the Union Territories across the country. With NSP Login would avoid the application duplication process and it will also provide you with the direct transfer of benefit. By the looks of it, this is a very simplified and mission-oriented process and it is carried out using a transparent system.

With NSP Scholarship you will get effective and faster application clearance.

National Scholarship Portal Login - Registration and Application Form

The Online Portal of NSP ensures if the scholarships are being distributed to the students in a timely manner. It offers a complete scholar database and this eliminates any scope of forgery in the system. The system would check the genuinity of the applicants and it will be done accurately. Students from Class 1 to the Ph.D. pursuers are free to apply for scholarships but they will get the scholarship based on their eligibility.

Benefits From NSP Scholarship

The students are going to be benefitted in the following manner:

  • Students across India can easily check their eligibility for NSP Scholarships.
  • Application and registration portals are available on the official website.
  • Students will find it easy to submit the application.
  • You can also track the application status of NSP and the verification is done by the online process.
  • Once the application submission is successful, the scholarship amount will be targeted directly into the student’s account via the “Direct Benefit Transfer.”
  • The system would suggest that the schemes for students are completely eligible.
  • It also comes with the Master data for the courses and institutions across the nation.
  • It will also serve the Decision Support System for the officials as it has updated information which is available on demand.
  • The comprehensive MIS system would aid in monitoring each segment of scholarship from registering students to deliver funds.

NSP Scholarship Registration

The first time users need to register themselves for the National Scholarship Portal. The registration process is utterly simple and clear.

  • You can open the home page of the NSP Login in the browser.
  • Select the New User register option on the browser. 

National Scholarship Portal Login - Registration and Application Form

  • It will provide you with guidelines for registration and also provide you with a clear glance on the instruction. You have to click the “continue” option.
  • You’ll immediately see the application form and fill-up space concerning the credentials.
  • Select the desired scholarships that you want and provide you educational, personal and contact details.
  • Upload the documents if they are mandatory during the application process.
  • Click on the submit option after filling up the credentials.
  • The registration process is completed you’ll get updates on regular intervals.

How to Log-in to NSP Scholarship

The method of log-in is extremely simple.

  • Visit the online portal.
  • Tab on Login to Apply option on the screen.
  • Enter the Application ID in the first box.
  • Provide the password for the login process.

National Scholarship Portal Login - Registration and Application Form

  • Complete the captcha process.
  • Choose the login option for completing the process.
  • You will be redirected to your account and you can keep tabs on your application.

The process to recover NSP Password & Application ID

There are times when you can forget your credentials. Nevertheless, you can recover them by using the process provided below:

  • Visit NSP’s online page.
  • Click on forgot the Application ID. You will be provided with two options to search the Application ID: Registered Mobile Number and Bank Account Number.

National Scholarship Portal Login - Registration and Application Form

  • You can either log-in through registered mobile number or bank account credentials.
  • Click on Application ID it will send you to information concerning the Application ID on the mobile number or email.

National Scholarship Portal Login - Registration and Application Form

  • Now, head back to the log-in page and tap on Forgot Password option.
  • Provide the Application ID as well as Captcha code in respective fields.
  • Now you can change the password and login to the account again.

How to Apply for NSP Renewal

You can apply for the new scholarship once your academics is completed. The renewal process is done using the original/old login account.

Conditions to apply for renewal:

  • You cannot apply for renewal if a course is not completed.
  • The eligible candidates must not ask for fresh application as it will become a duplicate application and then NSP will reject it.
  • If you intend for fresh application, withdraw the renewal application for NSP.

Steps to move the application forward:

  • Visit the official site of NSP.
  • Open the Login page directly from the website and then select on “Apply for Renewal.”

National Scholarship Portal Login - Registration and Application Form

  • Provide the application ID, Password and then finish the Captcha for security purpose.
  • Then press the Login option for accessing the account, you can avail the scholarship opportunities.

How to reset the password for the Application ID?

  • You can retrieve the login information from the login page.
  • First, you’ve to open the login page for Renewal and then select “Forgot Application ID.”
  • Press on the option – “Search by Bank Account Number.”

National Scholarship Portal Login - Registration and Application Form

  • Provide the Bank A/C Number in the space and fill up the Captcha code.

National Scholarship Portal Login - Registration and Application Form

  • Tap on the Check Application ID and you’ll be provided with the details.

How to Recover the Password?

  • Head back to the renewal apply log-in page, and then choose the “Password Recover.”
  • Insert the official Application ID as well as Captcha code in the respective fields.
  • You can tap on the next options and then follow the instruction on the screen to avail password recovery.

Update the mobile number via NSP Scholarship

  • You can update the mobile number for the Applicant in the renewal login page.
  • Then open the login page for renewal from the Online Portal of NSP.
  • Select on the update the mobile number option.
  • Fill-in the credentials on the next page.
  • Follow on the guide provided on the screen for completing the process of updating.

How to Contact NSP Customer Support?

You can contact the Help Desk number to sought any questions and information. You can contact the support number anytime.

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