Murder Among The Mormons : Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Everything You Need To Know

Netflix has come up with some fantastic docuseries’ and Murder Among the Mormons is one of the best on TV in recent times. It’s a true-crime documentary series following one of the most accomplished and notorious forgers of all time, Mark Hoffman. He created forgeries related to the Latter Day Saint Movement.

Netflix decided to sign this series based on the events surrounding the bombings in Utah, even though there wasn’t a wide range of stress about it except for a 2003 BBC documentary and some books. The series premiered on Netflix on March 3, 2021.

Murder Among the Mormons Season 2 Release Date

There is no surprise that subscribers are already rooting for the second season with the three episodes of the first season covered. There is no news about the renewal of the series yet, but it seems to be on the cards with its ratings.

Murder among the Mormons

So, there is no specific release date, but if it does come, it should be sometime in 2022, depending upon the speed of the production that’s allowed by external factors such as the pandemic.

Murder Among the Mormons: Cast 

No announcement has been made about the cast for the upcoming season, but if they are going with the same theme, there might be few familiar faces from the first season, but for now, it’s all just a set of assumptions to go with. Let’s all wait for the streaming service to make an announcement.

Murder Among the Mormons: Expectations for the Season 2

Though no plot or synopsis’s been shared regarding the second season, the first season’s success should ensure the series follows similar lines of making.

The first season consists of insightful and informative episodes featuring archive footage, photographs, reenactments, and in-depth interviews with many of the people involved in the entire endeavor.

So, if the team will take up another real-life event for the next season, it would most probably follow the same methods, and we’re here to update you with all the details as soon as they’re out.

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