Mitti Virasat Babbaran Di Trailer Released | Cast, Release Date, Plot


Mitti Virasat Babbaran Di is a forthcoming Punjabi film that revolves around five youngsters and the Babbar legends of the pre-Independence era. G K Digital has recently released the first-ever trailer for the upcoming movie on YouTube. Moreover, the trailer of Mitti-Virasat Babbaran Di came into being on the 10th of August has garnered 89k viewers on the streaming platform, at the time of writing.

One of the most notable aspects of the movie is the Hema Malini will make her debut as a producer of the film. Additionally, Venky Rao is also leading the production team of the forthcoming Punjabi flick. 

The plotline of Mitti-Virasat Babbaran Di

The movie will unfold the story of five Punjabi youngsters who reside in present-day Punjab. Moreover, the film showcases the sheer aura of terrorism and the comprehensive drug addiction that extends to Punjab. According to the director of the movie, Hriday Shetty, the movie draws significant inspiration from the popular movement of the past, Babbar Akali. Shetty, also said that the youngsters should know about the five legendary Babbars who fought and sacrificed their lives for their country. 

Mitti Virasat Babbaran Di Trailer Released | Cast, Release Date, Plot

According to sources, this is the first Punjabi film that Hriday Shetty has directed in his entire filmography. Punjab is said to be the Mexico of India when it comes to the distribution and consumption of Drugs by significant drug cartels. Hema Malini also opened up about her role in the movie. The superstar of the yesteryear said that the story would inspire the new generation. However, it will showcase the reality as to what is happening in Punjab these days.

The Cast of the Mitti Virasat Babbaran Di

Mitti Virasat Babbran Di Cast

Nishawn Bhullar portrays the lead actor of the film alongside Rabbi Kandola, Japji Kaira, Kulikinder Singh Sidhu, Jagjeet Sandhu, Pali Sandhi, Gurpreet Kaur Bhangu, Anita Shabdeesh among others. 

Release Date of Mitti Virasat Babbaran Di

Mitti Virasat Babbaran Di Trailer Released | Cast, Release Date, Plot

The official trailer of Mitti-Virasat Babbaran Di is currently out. On the other hand, the trailer also revealed the release date of the flick, i.e., on the 23rd of August 2019.


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