Green Frontier Season 1: Plot, Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Narcos is one of the most excellent TV Series that the audience and the critics prefer to watch on the streaming giant. The success of Narcos made one thing very clear. Language is not the barrier; a good series will excellent storyline, plot and characters are better. Netflix has a similar kind of hope from Green Frontier.

Moreover, Green Frontier is an original Netflix mini-series that comes from the minds of Diego Ramirez, Ciro Guerra, Jenny Ceballos, and Mauricio Leiva-Cock. Green Frontier is the first-ever Colombian original crime-drama which has been commissioned by Netflix. One of the most distinctive features of Green Frontier is that it is filmed using the cutting edge 4K technology. The 4K Netflix subscribers will have an upper hand here.

Plot and Release Date of Green Frontier

The mini-series will premiere on Netflix on the 16th of August 2019. As the series is a conventional mini-series, the viewers should not speculate that there will be a second season. As far as the plot of the series is concerned, the story revolves around a young detective & her partner who travel to the depth of Amazon to investigate a massive number of murders.

Green Frontier Season 1: Plot, Release Date, Cast, Trailer

The detective Helena and Reynaldo uncover that there is more to the murder than meets the eyes. Their investigation leads them to an enigmatic and indigenous tribe that has an extraordinary secret which they will protect by any means necessary.

The Cast and Trailer of Green Frontier

Juana del Rio and Nelson Camayo are the main lead of the mini-series. Moreover, Angela Cano Miguel Dioniso Ramos Bruno Clairefond, Andre’s Crespo, Marcela Mar, and Monica Lopera also have significant roles throughout the series.

Green Frontier Season 1

The first official teaser of the series came into being on the 29th of July 2019. In addition to this, Netflix did also release the first and the official trailer on the 5th of August 2019.

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