Lucifer season 5: Is Netflix going to split the final season into two parts?

The initial plan for the fifth and the final seasons of Lucifer was to incorporate ten distinctive episodes. The showrunners and the producers, during the early stage, said that the fifth season would follow the same 10-episode run as the fourth season. Nevertheless, it was the writers of Lucifer that came up with a fresh new idea.

The streaming giant Netflix did add six distinctive episodes to Lucifer’s fifth and final season. By the looks of it, this is an excellent thing for the fans of Lucifer. As of now, it is entirely unknown as to why did Netflix include six more episodes to the fifth season.


The writers have to uncover a lot of stories

Joe Henderson and IIdy Modrovich alongside the rest of the writers came up with a decision that they have to tell a lot of things before the series ends. Later, the writers said to themselves that the initial idea of releasing ten episodes would not be enough to give the series a justified ending.

According to the sources, the extra six episodes is going to aid the show to head to a fantastic ending. Moreover, this is something that the showrunners did wants from the final series in the first place.

The first-ever 16-episode Netflix series

The people aware of Netflix know that Netflix’s series usually consists of 8 or 10 or 12-episodes. Furthermore, this might be the first time that Netflix chose to give the series a 16-episode season.

When Netflix came up with the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the series came into two parts. On the other hand, each season had ten episodes. It is safe to say that Netflix is going to split the final season into two-part to give viewers much time to see their favorite devil in action. There is a highly likely chance that the first part of the fifth season would come into being in 2020 and the second part would come into being in 2021.

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