The Affair Season 5: Release Date, Cast, and other updates

Rejoice, the fans of The Affair, the fifth season of the TV-Series is heading to the Showtime network soon. Given that Showtime’s The Affair is coming for the fifth-season run; however, there is sad news for the fans. According to the sources, the fifth season of The Affair is the final season.

The Network President of Showtime, Gary Levine said that the audience and the critics love the subtlety, intimacy and the humane honesty of the series. He continued, the personal experimentation of faithfulness and unfaithfulness is coming to a definitive end.

The Affair was always a typical five-season series

the affair

According to Gary Levine, Sarah Treem, the American TV producer always said that The Affair would be a distinctive -five-season series. The viewers will finally know what the producer always had planned for the show. Moreover, the fans are going to be heartbroken, shattered, nostalgic with the way the talented cast ends the series.

Showtime’s original series The Affair has been a part of people’s lives for the last four years. The series came into being in fall 2014 and it critics deemed it a critically acclaimed show. The first season of The Affair also did get won the Golden Globe awards.

The series went downhill over time

After the first season, the series began to lose the excitement of the audience along with the series’ original entirety. The later seasons of the show did revolve around a group of people who reside in Montauk and have dull and grimy life. There is a highly likely chance that The Affair might feature a time jump; however, it is yet to be disclosed

Furthermore, the characters of the story are still trying to figure out the missing pieces of their lives. Jennifer Jason Leigh would feature in the last season of The Affair alongside Anna Paquin (X-Men). Dominic West, Maura Tierney, Goldani Telles, Jadon Sand, and Sanaa Lathan will reprise their roles. The trailer for Showtime’s The Affair Season 5 is out now!

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