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COVID-19: Lockdown would be extended till April 30; Prime Minister Modi might address the country soon

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with all of the Chief Ministers across the country where the PM discussed the extension of lockdown. States such as Odisha and Punjab did already extend the lockdown schedule till 30th April 2020. Moreover, Chief Ministers of Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Punjab, Chhatisgarh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, and Delhi also asked for lockdown extension.

Several reports suggest that the lockdown is going to extend up to the 30th of April to oppose the spread of life-threatening virus, Coronavirus. Prime Minister is soon going to announce about the extension, but there is a highly likely chance that it is not going to happen today. There is also a claim that the PM is going to recommend three zones, namely, green, yellow, and red to extend the lockdown and it showcases the severity of the virus being spread. For the record, this is the Kerala model to combat COVID19.

PM Modi appreciated the efforts of countrymen

During the meeting, PM Modi said that almost all the people across the country have understood the severity of the scenario and they are staying indoors. Also, these people are doing everything in their power to perform their designated duties.

PM also said that if all the people would follow the guideline of government and administration, then combat will Coronavirus will be swift. As a PM, Modi is always available, and the CMs can connect with him, any time of the day to speak to him or provide suggestions.

Now the entire country is waiting for the official announcement. Currently, 7875 people have been infected with Coronavirus in the country where 792 are recovered and the death toll is around 250.

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