Bloodlands Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot And All You Need To Know

Bloodlands is a British Police procedural BBC television series created by Chris Brandon and developed by HTM television. The four-episode series is first aired on Feb 21, 2021, on BBC One.

The show was a huge rating hit, became the biggest BBC drama launch in Northern Ireland on record. There is no wonder the series is recommissioned for another season with the kind of reception it got.

bloodlands season 2

Bloodlands: Season 2 Release Date 

With the first season being wrapped up after finally revealing who the serial killer Goliath was all along, explaining the disappearance of Tom’s wife, and with a mind-boggling finale, we all are ready for the next season.

And the team has answered our desperation. In less than a month after its first episode premiering on BBC One, the show has been renewed for the second season on 14 March 2021. Though there is no specific date announced, we can assume that the series would hit the screens as soon as 2022.

Bloodlands: What To Expect From Season 2?

The show, Chris Brandon, teased the show is essentially the story of Brannick, and it will delve deeper into his past. So, we can expect the series to go in those lines in the upcoming season. The Irish writer is still working on it, though.

Bloodlands: Season 2 Cast

James Nesbitt will surely return to play DCI Tom Brannick, while Lorcan Cranitch (Jackie), Charlene McKenna (Niamh), Chris Walley (Birdy) might also come back to their roles.

Unfortunately, Ian McElhinney (Adam Cory), Lisa Dwan (Tori Matthews), and Peter Balance (Pat Keenan) can’t be seen further in the series as their characters have been killed in the first season.

As the creator(Chris Brandon) is yet to design the template for the second season with the storyline is yet to get an order, we can expect the series to come back late in the next year. Till then, we can re-watch the first season that is available on BBC iPlayer.