Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote Results 12th March: Amrutha-Abirami are maintaining their lead

In the tenth week of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2, the reality show has entered a new phase where chaos and entertainment are working hand in hand. So far, Fukru is currently resting in the house as they have not been nominated for the second time this week. On the other hand, Shaji was also in the bottom two in the previous week and even this week, Shaji has been nominated for elimination.

The fight between RJ Raghu and Amrutha-Abirami is getting intense in the passage of time.

Who are nominated this week?

According to the nomination day special in Bigg Boss final, the list of contestants who are nominated are:

  • RJ Raghu
  • Pashanam Shaji
  • Amrutha-Abirami
  • Reshma Rajan
  • Daya Aswathy

At the time of writing, the duo Amrutha-Abirami are leading in the voting share with 39% votes. It is quite surprising to witness that contestants such as RJ Raghu and Pashanam have been nominated this week. All the nominated contestants in this week and fighting extremely hard to be safe from nomination.

Given that the recent polls suggest Amrutha-Abirami are leading, these are the early trends that might change over time. In addition to this, Shaji and Reshma are not safe.

Shocking elimination of Rajithkumar

By the looks of it, the most popular contestant of Bigg Boss Malayalam has been eliminated from Bigg Boss Malayalam because of recent misconduct. The elimination of Rajithkumar from Bigg Boss Malayalam is quite shocking for everyone, especially his fans.

It will be important to see if the elimination of Rajithkumar from the house will have a negative or a positive impact on this week’s eviction. It is important to note that Amrutha-Abirami are the strongest contestant after Rajithkumar.

4 thoughts on “Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote Results 12th March: Amrutha-Abirami are maintaining their lead”

  1. 100 percentage scripted show as I believe, big boss wants Arya to be the winner. Very difficult to throw out Dr. RAJITH Kumar because he has a lot of followers. His voting numbers are far more higher than others. Please stop.this scripted drama. At the we can see Arya will be the winner and Asianet wants that to be happen. This show is going to be end with in a month. She knows everything happening in Big Boss. This is not a reality show as I believe. This is scripted drama

  2. Raghu should win the title. How can Arya win when she doen’t have 10% vote share. Just because she has acted in Badai banglav that doent mean people have to abuse her so much. The kind of words people are using. Iam not in favour of Arya but as a women feel really bad when people use words like vesya and so on..
    Whatever Asianet and Mohan Lal has done to Ranjit is too much. Athilum orikallum mapp ella.
    Person like Rejith should have never come to Biggboss. He is a Legend in his own way.

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