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Zero Chill Season 2: Renewal Status, Netflix Release Date, Cast Lineup & More

Netflix has incredibly poor luck with its ice-skating dramas, as for the second time within a few short years, we see another Original canceled. Fans of Zero Chill will be disappointed to learn that the series will not be returning for a second season at Netflix.

Zero Chill Season 2: Renewal Status, Netflix Release Date, Cast Lineup & More

Zero Chill is a British-Canadian Netflix Original sports drama created by Kirstie Falkous and John Reiger. The series is produced by Lime Pictures, the studio behind Netflix’s Free Reign and Disney’s The Evermoor Chronicles.

Zero Chill season 2 Netflix renewal status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Cancelled (Last Updated: 17/11/2021)

It’s taken several months, but Netflix has finally decided the fate of Zero Chill. A second season is no longer on the cards as the drama has finally been canceled at Netflix.

It must be noted that Zero Chill did perform well with younger audiences, and the series was able to make it into the top ten lists of  49 different countries on Netflix, including the USA, where it stayed for five days.

However, Zero Chill’s performance wasn’t enough for Netflix to warrant a second season.

Which cast members would return for season 2?

We’d expect to see most of the main and supporting cast members return for the second season of Zero Chill:

  • Grace Beedie – Kayla MacBentley
  • Dakota Taylor – ‘Mac’ MacBentley
  • Jeremias Amoore – Bear Stelzer
  • Anastázie Chocholatá – Ava Hammarström
  • Leonardo Fontes – Sam Stelzer
  • Jade Ma – Sky Tyler
  • Sarah-Jane Potts – Jenny MacBentley
  • Doug Rao – Luke MacBentley
  • Tanja Ribic – Elina Hammarström
  • Oscar Skagerberg – Anton Hammarström
  • Stan Steinbichler – Nico Haas

What could we expect from a second season of Zero Chill?

The second season of Zero Chill would have the MacBentley family focus on Kayla’s figure skating as she attempts to return to paired competition with an unconventional partner and friend Sky.

Paired figure skating typically doesn’t include two female partners, so if Kayla and Sky find a way to compete you can expect their competitors to frown upon the duo. If Kayla and Sky were to win a pairs competition it would make them the first female pair to do so.

As for Mac, the Hockey ace turned down the opportunity to go abroad to Prague and place for a professional team. Instead, he has decided to stay with his family in the UK in support of his twin sister Kayla. We’d still expect to see Mac compete in some capacity, and perhaps more offers will come his way, once again testing the loyalty he has to his family or his dream of becoming a pro-ice hockey player.

Zero Chill Season 2: Renewal Status, Netflix Release Date, Cast Lineup & More
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