YouTube Originals Will Be Free For All From 24th September

At the beginning of 2019, YouTube made a promise to its viewers concerning the original web series. YouTube said that the original content would eventually become free for all the users. Beforehand, the viewers had to become a premium member so that they could see the web series. On the other hand, the non-premium members will be left dry and cannot gain access to the series.

YouTube Originals Will Be Free For All From 24th September

However, things are changing, and this time, YouTube, a notable subsidiary of Google, is staying true to its word. The significant video-sharing American website/platform said that it would make all the original content such as movies, live events, and series entirely free for everyone. The non-paying members specifically are “the everyone” in this scenario.

When will YouTube originals become free for the viewers?

According to a recent statement; from the 24th of September, all the viewers can have access to the platform’s original content. However, the non-paying members will have to watch the ads to see the original content on the video-sharing platform.

In the meantime, the premium users are going to have the edge over the non-paying members. The premium subscribers of YouTube would enjoy a better quality of viewing experience. Moreover, the premium members will not have to go through ads while watching YouTube originals.

The premium users will have access to many features

The premium subscribers can gain immediate access to each episode that comes in a new series’ season. In addition to this, these users will also have access to the bonus features, and the notable director’s cut, the moment they arrive on YouTube.

The non-paying users will have to wait for the release of every episode of the series. The non-paying users are going to have to make little compromises. However, it is essential to note that they won’t pay $12 every month to watch the original content. All they have to do is wait a little while longer to watch the Original content. Premium users also have access to a new feature called “Recommended downloads” in the library section of the app/website.

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