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www.primevideo.com/mytv Activation Code, How to Register for primevideo/mytv Code?

The activation code of www.primevideo.com/mytv is mandatorily required to get the Amazon Prime Video to account activated on your device like your smart TV, Amazon Fire Tv, etc. You need to know how to activate www.primevideo.com/mytv on any of your devices. So you are at the right place.

There are different processes and procedures for getting the activation code for other devices. You need to know all the steps how to get the activation code of prime video/mytv. Here are the following steps and guidance on how to activate the amazon prime videos, i.e., www.primevideo.com/mytv, on your device and some other related information.

Activation Code of amazon prime videos (www.primevideo.com/mytv)

The OTT platform Amazon Prime Videos is one of the largest and worldwide watched video streaming platforms. This platform offers a wide range of video streaming like Web series, shows, movies, and lots more for their worldwide users. For streaming videos in Amazon Prime Videos, users have to activate their prime video mytv account through the Amazon  Prime Video activation code. Below are the given steps how to activate the Amazon Prime Videos account with Amazon Prime Video Activation codes on your different devices:

How to activate the Amazon Prime Video www.primevideo.com/mytv on different Device:

There are additional steps to register and activate your Amazon Prime Videos account on your various devices. Here are the following amazon prime video mtv activation process and how to get the activation code-:

www.primevideo.com/mytv activation process for Smart TV

To activate and register the Amazon Prime Video account in your Smart TV and get the activation code for your smart Tv. Your Smart Tv should be connected to a proper internet connection. After getting ensured that your Smart Tv has internet access. Below are the steps on how to get the Amazon prime activation code for your Smart Tv

  1. Click on the Home button of your Smart TV.
  2. Open the Amazon Prime Video Application or download the app from the AppStore and then open it.
  3. When the app gets opens, click on the “Register on the Amazon website.”
  4. Write down the code that is listed.
  5. Open www.primevideo.com on another device like a computer or mobile phone.
  6. Sign in to Amazon Prime Video with your existing account or sign up with a new account.
  7. Use the activation code while register on your Smart Tv and get your Smart Tv linked with your device Amazon Prime Video account.
  8. Click on the Continue button.
  9. You have to wait for the confirmation message that will come on your Smart Tv.
  10. After confirming, you can easily use the Amazon Prime Video in your Smart Tv.

www.primevideo.com/mytv activation process for Amazon Fire TV

These days most of the Andriod TVs come with Amazon Fire TV devices. We can easily access the Amazon Prime Video application without getting any activation code in that type of Andriod type. The Amazon Prime Video application comes initially pre-installed on Amazon Fire Tv. Here are the steps on how to use and access the Amazon Prime videos on Amazon Fire Tv.

  1. Open the Amazon Prime Video Application.
  2. Sign in to Amazon Prime Video with your existing account or sign up with a new account.
  3. The device will get registered automatically.
  4. You can stream and watch videos now on your Amazon Prime Videos.
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