Woman poos in Amazon parcel as revenge for man ‘stealing’ them from doorstep, only for another man to take it


Woman poos in Amazon parcel as revenge for man ‘stealing’ them from doorstep, only for another man to take it

In scenes which may be more Amazon Crime than Amazon Prime, a mother decided to leave faeces in a box outside her house to catch a “thief” who was stealing her deliveries.

Destiny, the woman’s daughter, who is from New York and has a TikTok account boasting more than 5,000 followers, released a video on Tuesday explaining that they had had “all of our Amazon packages stolen from the front of our house” and caught the thief taking them on her Ring video camera.

“So this is my mum’s response back,” she said. “She took a s**t on an Amazon box, covered it in a smiley face balloon and wrote a little message inside for the thief and then she retaped the box to make it look like a regular Amazon box.”

Messages inside the box told the recipient to “eat s**t” and “come in this motherf**king gate again to see what awaits you” – adding that they have also been reported to the New York Police Department.

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However, in a follow-up post 48 hours later, things got interesting as another thief picked up the box and was left red – or rather, brown – handed.

“He’s the wrong Amazon thief. So another Amazon package thief stole my mum’s box of s**t,” Marin explained.

Her mum added: “Don’t get upset, that’s what you get for taking people’s s**t.”


And it turns out her mum does plan on “s***ting in another box” to catch the original thief.

“That’s right, ‘cause this s*** ain’t over,” she said off-camera.

The incident has been met with laughter from viewers, who expressed disbelief at the lengths some people will go to steal what may not be much at all, and most certainly isn’t theirs.

“Amazon package stealers are so funny like they’re risking a felony for what? An iPhone charger,” wrote one.

Another added: “They both deserve it and honestly should be arrested.”

“I do love that the second thief is missing some context,” said a third.

While others may want to, Destiny’s mum sure isn’t taking any s**t.


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