Willie Garson’s Final Heartbreaking Words On Social Media Explained


Willie Garson's Final Heartbreaking Words On Social Media Explained

While the masses were stunned to learn of Willie Garson’s untimely death, it appears that the talented thespian did leave his fans with a few parting words after all.

In Garson’s last tweet he instructed others to simply be kind. “BE KIND TO EACH OTHER……ALWAYS. LOVE TO ALL. APRROACH [sic] KINDNESS,” The September 5th tweet was his. Although the message can be interpreted however, it is clear that Garson wanted humanity to be kind, respectful, compassionate, compassionate, and considerate towards one another. 

Garson was able to hear his final words. This touching tweet has been shared more than 10,000 time and liked by at most 37,000 people as of the writing. But make no mistake — Garson’s sentiments didn’t stop there. Many people responded to Garson’s call for action. One Twitter user suggested that the public make an official day for Garson’s last sentiments. “We should set a date for a ‘Be Kind For a Day’ type event. If everyone did this just once, we would see a lot of differences disappear. Can we make this a thing?” Meanwhile, another user vowed to take heed to Garson’s advice. “Love this guy!! Then & always. Kindness? Sure. Okay. Promise to be mindful & will try even harder. Because YOU specifically just reminded me to. RIP.”

It should also be noted that Garson’s Twitter bio includes the words, “Trying always to do better.” Based on the reactions to his account, we think it’s safe to say: mission completed.


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