Will Yellowstone Season 4 Feature A Time Jump In The Story Line?


At this point, one thing feels clear about the Yellowstone season 4 premiere: We’re being thrown into the thick of the action. We’ll see the aftermath of what happened to John, Kayce, and Beth Dutton, and then also the revenge plan that follows.

Given that this season is airing well over a year after the season 3 finale, there is another question that it only feels fair to raise right now: Are we going to see a time jump at some point coming up? Will all of season 4 take place in the immediate aftermath of what happened?

Will Yellowstone Season 4 Feature A Time Jump In The Story Line?

The case for there being some sort of time jump here is quite simple: It may take some time for some of these characters to recover. The injuries to John, Kayce, and Beth are such that it’s hard to imagine that any of them, provided they live, would be in good shape the next year.

However, the trade-off here is that we also don’t envision any of them being cooped up in some hospital. If they have the ability to be out there fighting, odds are they’re going to take advantage of the opportunity to do so.

So while we could envision some sort of time jump happening during season 4, we think it’s going to be after whatever revenge plan the Duttons or the ranch execute.

It’s just unrealistic to expect them to sit around and wait to strike back; even if a few characters are hospitalized or struggling, there could be some others acting in their stead. If you go after one person at the ranch, you’re effectively going after them all; that is one of the things we’ve learned over the years.

Do you think that we’re going to see any sort of time jump at all as we get into Yellowstone season 4?

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