Why Was DJ Quik’s son David Blake Jr. Arrested Check Crime Charges & Reports


The recent reports have claimed that DJ Quik’s son David Blake Jr. has been arrested by the cops in connection with a homicide. A press release has been released which stated about the arrest of DJ Quik’s son David Black Jr. The press release states that on 27 May, the Downey police department received information about a fight breaking out. Just in no time, another call was received by the police officials which stated, about gun firing has been occurred in that fight.

DJ Quik's son David Blake Jr. Arrested

Police officials were rushed to the incident site and they found a wounded man. Police reports claimed that the wounded man was shot in his chest. Police officials rushed him to a nearby medical aid place. The wounded guy was identified as 33 years old Julio Cardoza. Julio Cardoza couldn’t survive his injury and he succumbed to death while getting treated in the hospital.

Downey police department immediately started the investigation of the case, without wasting any second. In the initial investigation of this case, police officials found out David Blake Jr. the main accused who caused this dreadful incident. Police officials arrested David Blake Jr. On the early morning of 26 May. David Blake was arrested in the Porter Ranch California.

Police officers further claimed that the deadly incident appears to be isolated, so there is no threat to the public. The public is safe. Police officials have requested the citizens to help them in the investigation. The officials have requested the people inform any details you know about this incident. Officials have requested the public to shed light on any details they have regarding this deadly fight and homicide of Julio.

Although David Black and his father DJ Quik have not responded to this press release. None of them have acknowledged or reacted to this information. The press release was first shared by the popular Journalist Jasmyne Cannick on her official social media account. Jasmyne Cannick also revealed that David Blake has also been working intimately with Compton council member Isaac Galvin as his Liaison.

A report from the popular media house NBC Los Angeles states that David Blake Jr. Has been held in lieu of $2 million bail. We will come up with all the updates and developments in this news story, as soon any update come. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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