Why Is Martial Simon Arrested? Find Out Video Pushing Asian Woman In front Of Train


Controversies currently surround martial Simon after pushing an Asian woman inf front of the train. The horrific incident took place at Times Square Subway and also gets recorded at the CCTV cameras of the station, because of which the case comes to the attention of the public and Police authority. As soon as the Police authority learned about the case, they started their investigation and took action against the homeless 60 years older man who pushed the Asian woman in front of a train when she was waiting for the train at the Subway.

Martial Simon pushing asian women

According to the latest reports, the woman was waiting for her train when the homeless man came behind her and pushed the Asian woman in front of the train. The woman hadn’t any idea that Simon was standing behind him with such horrific intentions. However, as Simon drove her in front of the train, the crowd noticed the incident and were frightened until Simon took the subway transport to move to another place. Later, the man was apprehended by officers at Canal Street and registered a murder case against him.

Who Is Martial Simon?

In the initial investigation, the Police found that the unhinged homeless man had a mental health condition. When he was getting arrested by cops, he told himself a god and said that he could do anything at the time of negotiation. He also makes weird faces at the time he is getting arrested. His image of making faces at he was handcuffed, surfacing all over the Internet. The entire incident occurred on 15th January 2022 at around 9:40 PM at Times Square Subway when the mentally psychotic homeless killed the woman by pushing her in front of the train.

Martial Simon has been arrested for pushing an Asian woman and has proceeded for further investigation. It is uninformed whether Simon will be sent to mental asylum or prison. Well, things will get cleared after his hearing in the court. When the video went viral all over the Internet, and the media came to cover his arrest, he got furious starting cursing the media reporters.

According to one of the statements, he is God and can do anything. He also said that the woman stole his jacket, that’s why he pushed her to death.


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