Who Was Karissa Wilson? Missing Kamloops Woman Found Dead What Happened To Her?


Karisa Wilson, the woman who was reported missing last month has been found dead. The unfortunate news about her death was reported by the RCMP Kamloops. According to the reports, 25 years old Karissa Wilson was missing since 24 April. She was last seen on 24 April in the downtown area according to the reports and after that, she was seen nowhere and by no one. The report of her being missing was registered and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was looking for her since the report was registered.

Who Was Karissa Wilson? Missing Kamloops Woman Found Dead What Happened To Her?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police found her dead body on 16 May and announced to the world about her demise. According to the initial investigation of the police force, no foul play has been found with the body of Karisa Wilson. Although many reports have claimed that Autospy’s report of the girl has not come yet so exact and accurate reason behind her unfortunate and untimely death can’t be revealed yet. But as the police have found the body and started the investigation, so it is expected that the autopsy report might be coming soon. Until the Autopsy reports are out, it’s impossible to find out the actual reason behind her death.

Who Was Karissa Wilson?

Although many media reports have claimed that Karisa had committed suicide, this report is currently floating all over social media. Netizens are falling for this report, but we would like to clarify to all the netizens that none of these reports are confirmed or authenticated by the police officials or the victim’s family, so there is no need of believing this report. All the reports are not sure until they are confirmed by the family of the victim or the investigation officers. Netizens are requested to refrain from this fake and false information on social media. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police also thanked the people of Kamloops for all the assistance they provided them all during her search operation.

As soon as this news broke out on social media, many people came out on social media and paid their hearty tributes and condolences to the late Karisa Wilson. They also prayed for her family, who just lost their young child. Currently, their family and friends of Karisa are not in a state of giving an interview to the media regarding her demise. We all can imagine how devastating and traumatizing this phase of time must be for them. We will inform you of all of the latest updates and developments in this case. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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