Who is YouTuber Mohammed Al Esawi Shot His Young Daughter to Death


One of the famous Iraq-based comedians and YouTubers is getting a vast amount of attention, but this time the reason for him becoming the talk of the town isn’t related to any of his jokes or YouTube video. At this time, he is getting searched for a dreaded and heinous act for shooting and killing his daughter. His fans were extremely shocked and dismayed when they learned about this fatal accident. The people who have known about and are informed about the incident are shaken seeing such brutality. Get more information on Who is YouTuber Mohammed Al Esawi is and why they would hi shoot her daughter.

YouTuber Mohammed Al Esawi

The relation of the father is one of the purest and adorable relations. A father is the first hero of every girl, but Esawi has abused the connection and spitting on it by killing her daughter over trifles. Hence, the spine-chilling incident wherein Mohammed Al Esawi, the Iraqi YouTuber, shot and killed her 14 years old daughter named Shahad. She was killed just for responding to a strange man on the door, but she supposed her younger brother was on the door.

According to the reports, someone rings the doorbell, and the YouTuber’s daughter Shahad through that her brother is on the other side of the door. He opened the door and found a man who had purposed her multiple times but got rejected each time. They both were standing at the door. Meanwhile, Esawi took his handgun and shot her daughter three times. She died on the spot just because Esawi thought she was planning something with the man. Shahad’s mother also pleads her husband Esawi several times to forgive her even then she didn’t commit any mistake.

Later, Esawi ran from the scene in fear of getting arrested for killing his daughter. But the cruelty and heinousness didn’t get satisfied here, and he asked the doctors to perform a virginity test on her daughter’s corpse, and reports claimed Shahd was a virgin.

The YouTuber is getting badly criticized for all over as who knows that a heartless man is behind the comedian who can take her blood daughter’s life. As of now, no information surfaced on the arrest of the online personality. Even the identity of her wife is not revealed.


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