Who is Mario Gosselin Quebec SAQ Punching and Assault Video


Recently an incident took place at Quebec’s alcohol retailer, and in response, one of the clerks has been suspended after punching a man on his head consecutively. The entire incident took place on Thursday on 13 January 2022, which was recorded in the store’s CCTV camera and later came out as evidence in favor of the victim named Mario Gosselin. The entire incident occurred when a consumer was denied being served by a clerk who wasn’t masked at the time. The victim stated that his blood still runs cold when he recalls the incident. Get more information on Mario Gosselin and SAQ Punching and Assault Video.

Mario Gosselin Quebec SAQ Punching and Assault Video

The entire incident took place at a liquor shop at SAQ when Gosselin was standing in a queue for his turn to buy liquor. He noticed that the clerk sitting on the cash counter was unmasked and criticizing public health. He even boasting off that he has an unvaccinated girlfriend. When Mario reached the counter, he asked that he wanted to be served liquor with someone else as the person was violating the health measures.

Gosselin said that he is not feeling safe getting served by a man who is not following the public measures. Due to his statement, another clerk got fumed and refused to assist him. The clerk then handed the customer’s phone to the manager on the line, who told him that his employees weren’t obligated to serve him. Gosselin slammed the phone on the counter and headed to leave the shop. He was furious and leaving the shop, but at the same time, a clerk approached him angrily and punched him in the head three consecutive times.

All the people standing there were stunned, seeing the entire scenario. Gosselin’s head gets a bit dizzy, and he hit back a stack of wine bottles, shattering them. Gosselin then went to the hospital with minor injuries on his head and some other parts of the body. The assault video even comes to the notice of the police authority. As of now, the liquor shop employee has been suspended, but there is no information regarding the arrest of any of them. The Police Authority is proceeding the further investigation.


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