Who is Gonzalo Lopez? Stabs Guard and Escapes Prison Bus Wiki Biography Video Footage


A 46-year-old prisoner named Gonzalo Lopez fled away while he was shifting to a particular place. He attacked the bus driver and guard and manage to escape the scene. It is being said that he had been served life imprisonment after getting alleged homicide charges. He was accompanied by some other prisoner at the time the incident occurred. However, the incident is being reviewed and law enforcement is trying to chase down the culprit. The news went viral all over the Internet and netizens are searching for more details on the prisoner. Get more information on who is Gonzalo Lopez.

Gonzalo Lopez

The information has even been released by Texas Police Department on Twitter. The information also shared that the incident occurred on Friday 13th May. Well, his full name is Gonzalo Artemio Lopez. As far as his background is concerned it came to know that he is charged with multiple penalities. According to the latest reports he was accused of homicide charges he executed in the year 2006. The police officer made some revelation as per which he killed a man with a pickaxe located near the southern border.

Apart from this he also alleged many other charges including firing at a sheriff after this his parole even got cancelled until 2045 or later. Lately, he is being serving life imprisonment. But now he managed to escape the prison while he was shifting back in the jail. He attacked the bus driver and stabbed the guard and then fled from the scene. He was on a bus along with other inmates prisoner travelling from Houston and Dallas on Friday. The 46 years old prisoner stabbed the hand of the bus driver and even snatched his service pistol and fled away.

The native police authority got active and swamped chasing the criminal who has been declared a fugitive. One of the guards deployed on the bus tried to stop the culprit t fireplace a pistol and shotgun at him. Unfortunately, he managed to escape the run away from the scene. A dedicated investigation team of 300 police officers have been deployed to find out Gonzalo Lopez.

In addition to this, the police department introduced a reward of the amount f $15,000 to any person who provide information about the fugitive to the authorities.


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