Who Is Daniel Issac Marquez? Check 10-year-old Boy Mugshot Crime Charges and Reports


Daniel Issac Marquez, a 10-year-old boy, is arrested for allegedly threatening to attack his school. According to reports, Daniel texted his friend an image of four rifles and told him that he bought them. The boy is a fifth-grader at Patriot Elementary school in Cape Coral. He was arrested after the above-mentioned text message was forwarded to authorities by a tipster. As shocking as the news might sound, it is true. Check out the further details of the matter and about the young boy in the article below.

Daniel Issac Marquez

On Monday, May 30, 2022, Florida authorities released the mugshot and arrest footage of Daniel Issac Marquez. Officials detained him after he was accused of threatening to shoot up his school. Carmine Marceno, Lee County Sheriff, stated that they did a campaign called fake threat, real consequence. Carmine added that he understands that the boy is 10-years-old and is a juvenile as his brain is not fully developed but the aftermath of a young boy pressing a trigger would be the same regardless of the age. This is the reason, why the minor boy was taken into custody.

Taking to Facebook, the sheriff’s office posted a video that featured the fifth grader being arrested Saturday for the alleged text-message threat. As mentioned, the message was forwarded to deputies by a tipster on May 28. The minor’s crime may seem like a joke but it is definitely not. The reason behind Daniel being arrested was to use him to set an example for other children his age to not take gun violence seriously. According to reports, Daniel told his friend that he had money by scamming another student and went on to prove it through a Google image of a wad of cash.

After sending the text, the fifth grader sent his friend an image of four assault rifles. Daniel claimed that he bought those himself and sent a text to his friend that reads, “get ready for water day”. For those unversed, water day referred to the school event where students participate in water activities, implying that was his day of choice to supposedly carry out an attack. According to NBC, Marceno said that this student’s behavior is sickening, especially after the recent tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. The news has definitely attracted a lot of attention from the netizens. Needless to say, the attacks on schools have become quite often, becoming a subject of concern.


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