What’s Going To Happen When It Comes To Eddie Diaz?

Is Eddie really going to leave the 118 on 911 Season 5?

while we wait 9-1-1 season 5, episode 11, which airs in march, we know there’s one question everyone wants an answer to. What’s going to happen when it comes to Eddie Diaz?

At the end of Episode 10 earlier this week, we saw a pretty shocking moment when the Eddie character admitted that he was ready to move on – meaning he probably won’t be a firefighter for the 118 for the foreseeable future.

Does this mean Ryan Guzman is leaving the show? Hardly. We recently broke some of that into a chunk, as there seems to be some evidence that he’s still filming episodes. (It’s either that, or he’s really trying to fool everyone.) There’s a chance he’ll become a different kind of first responder, or maybe even an arson investigator, similar to what we’ve seen from Kelly Severide here and there. Chicago fire.

Right now, Christopher is the main motivator for him considering his options. He wants to make sure he’s there for him, and also that nothing happens to him at work. We understand that; being a firefighter is extremely dangerous and we have seen time and time again some of these characters being placed in precarious positions in the field. If he wants to come up with something different for himself, we get it, and we hope the show actually explores some of that!


Sadly they don’t quite make it in the season 5 episode 11 promo below – this is more of a generic teaser for the show’s return in march plus a reminder that 9-1-1: Lonely Star comes in the new year. That’s exciting, but so is the idea of ​​answers. We just don’t have anything to share at this particular time.



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