What You Didn’t Know About Carrie Ann Inaba’s Career As A Dancer


What You Didn't Know About Carrie Ann Inaba's Career As A Dancer

Carrie Ann Inaba might be best known as the original judge of “Dancing With the Stars,” but she’s had a storied career in entertainment that spans everything from dancing on TV with Jennifer Lopez, to grooving on Madonna’s World Tour. The dancer first crossed paths with the “Jenny from the Block” singer when they starred as Fly Girls on “In Living Color,” per Digital Spy. Though Inaba was often mistaken for Lopez, this didn’t endear her to her fellow Fly Girl, as she explained on “The Wendy Williams Show.” “When she [Lopez] first came out, everybody would show these pictures of us, and they would put under me that I was J.Lo … But she’s Latin and I’m Asian and … no. We were different,” Inaba explained, adding that her time with the Grammy winner was “difficult.” “When you have a room full of five girls, you know, with strong personalities, you don’t always get on,” she said. “Alright, next subject!”

As well as J.Lo, Inaba brushed shoulders with another icon when she danced on Madonna’s “Girlie Show” World Tour in 1993. In fact, she told Access Hollywood that she got to know the singer in a *very* intimate capacity. “You know, we made out on the stage,” Inaba shared. “Well, there was like an orgy thing on stage … she [Madonna] turned around and I just saw this tongue coming at me and we had this full on make out session on stage.”


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