What Would Happen If Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson Wed Again?


What Would Happen If Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson Wed Again?

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew have done just about everything together over the past couple of decades. They not only spend lots of time together but also travel together. In August, the two were seen driving together to Balmoral, where they visited with Andrew’s mother, Queen Elizabeth, according to Vanity Fair. Both Sarah and Andrew maintain their contentment with how things are. However, it’s possible that they could exchange vows again. There are several things that could be changed if this happens. 

Although Sarah is still the Duchess of York, she lost her “HRH” title when she and Andrew divorced, according to Insider. According to the outlet, if she and Andrew decide to wed again she could be Her Royal Highness Sarah, Duchess. This would make her a senior member the royal family. “The HRH marks the dividing line between those members of the royal family engaged in active service to the monarchy and the nation, and those who lead more private lives unfettered by public duties,” according to History Extra. While the acceptance of the title may not be mandatory, Insider points to Sarah being offered it. “It is hard to see how she would not become once again an HRH,” royal biographer Nigel Cawthorne told Insider.


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