What We Do In The Shadows: Plot Details & Dilemma On Vampires


And let’s not forget the infamous vomiting! Many vampire stories portray their creatures of the night that exist only on fresh blood (or its synthetic equivalent in) real blood), but most can at least tolerate human food. The vampires within A discovery of witches can enjoy a glass of wine and some rare beef, and although Twilight vampires have to discreetly cough up their food later, they can eat to go down. What we do in the shade! The explosive regurgitation makes the show disgustingly and hilariously unique.

There are even quirks in the powers of the vampires in What we do in the shade. For example, Laszlo can talk to animals and must say “Bat!” call. to transform – or maybe he just chooses to do so.

Nadja is particularly good at crawling up walls like a spider, and she joyfully accompanies Jenna as the vampire novice discovers that she can become invisible in the first season. Meanwhile, Nandor can become a dog and start a fire with his mind! This amount of diversity among vampires is not often explored elsewhere.

What We Do In The Shadows: Plot Details & Dilemma On Vampires

What we do in the shade sticks to the classics for its more mundane illustrations of vampire cliches. Guillermo may not be the gore charm from previous horror stories, but he uses wooden poles with a Buffy level of bad-assery.

Sunlight may not affect half-vampires like Wesley Snipes, but it takes care of the Baron easily enough and is even used as an execution method by the Vampiric Council. Some conventions just shouldn’t be messed with.

Everything else about What we do in the shade, however, takes vampire standards and twists them to fit the humor and atmosphere of the show. If the charismatic Jan and her cult believe that vampires can become human again, so be it! Nadja can turn into a bunch of rats? Of course why not? Including stories like Colin Robinson’s investigation into the origins of energy vampires is exactly what keeps this series as original and fresh as the virgin blood of the geekiest LARPer.


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