What To Expect From The Wheel Of Time Episode 4 & Ending Explained


The wheel of time is available on Amazon Prime video! Here is the explanation of the end of episode 4, Read more! The series is based on a fantasy novel written by Robert Jordan. Moiraine joined his sisters who told him they had captured a man named Logain who claims to be the reincarnated dragon. In Episode 4 of The Wheel of Time, we see Logain being captured by the Aes Sedais who are observing him. He keeps his eyes closed while everyone else waits for him to prove to them that he really is the reincarnated dragon. Moiraine thinks he’s lying, while others think he has the traits.

The Wheel Of Time Episode 4

Logain’s partisans or army attack their camp to free their master and all those of Aes Sedai’s camp. On the other hand, Logain eventually opens his eyes and attacks two of the Aes Sedai sisters, Liandrin and Kerene, with his powers. To everyone’s surprise, he melts the cage he is in, leading everyone to believe that he can be the reincarnated dragon. Moiraine confronts Logain and asks him why she should believe he is the dragon. He replies that he hears sounds and that he can hear the ancient dragons telling him to get well. Moiraine says these voices are the voices of your madness. To discover the explanation of the end of episode 4 of The Wheel of Time, Read more!

End of The Wheel Of Time Episode 4 Explained

At the end of episode 4 of The Wheel of TimeLogain causes a massive explosion that fatally injures nearly all of Aes Sedai, Lan bleeds profusely from the neck, and Moiraine is impaled by a large spike. Nynaeve, in anger, then squats down and begins to channel the energy that explodes inside her with unimaginable force. As Logain looks on in amazement, the rest of the injured Aes Sedai begin to fidget and open their eyes. The sorceress sisters quickly regroup and use their sons to take out the murderous sorcerer, and the episode ends with Logain eventually being overpowered by the multiple Aes Sedai surrounding him.

After Logain mortally wounds several members of the Aes Sedai, the sorceress sisters are convinced he is too dangerous. So once Nynaeve heals them enough to channel the energy, Liandrin gathers the rest of her Aes Sedai sisters and they wrest Logain’s skills from her. So the man who claimed to be the dragon probably has no magical powers left, which is described as a fate worse than death among magicka changers.

Is Nyaeve the Dragon Reincarnated?

There are many signs that Nynaeve is an exceptional magician, able to channel truly impressive amounts of magical energy. Earlier, when Logain threatens Moiraine by claiming to be the Dragon Reincarnate, she mocks him and tells him that he is just a burst of light compared to the blinding sun that is the real Dragon.

Though he doesn’t believe it at the moment, Moraine’s words actually come out of Logain’s mouth as he watches Nynaeve’s display of power. As we see at the beginning of the episode, Logain has the power to single-handedly destroy entire cities. The fact that he is now impressed by Nynaeve’s strength strongly suggests that she could be the Dragon. However, since she is not yet 20, she does not match the prophecy. Therefore, Nynaeve is not the reincarnated dragon, but is revealed as an incredibly powerful practitioner of magic.

How many Ajah are there and what are the colors?

Although the Aes Sedai are essentially one organization, they are divided into several factions. The faction to which each Aes Sedai belongs is represented by the colour of the clothes he wears. Each group differs from the rest in a fundamental way. The Aes Sedai, an all-female organization of women trained in the use of the One Power, is located in a place called the White Tower, in the city of Tar Valon. In episode 4 of The Wheel of Time, Moiraine talked about the divisions of the Aes Sedai and how they worked.

Each woman in the group belongs to a specific ayah, which is distinguished by its colour. After completing the training at the White Tower, women can choose which Ajah to join. This decision is based on their specialties with the One Power, their personal views and goals. The wheel of time has yet to include all of the Ajahs, but some have reps that have appeared earlier in the series. As the series progresses, other Aes Sedai are sure to join the fray. Some try to help Moiraine and Lan, while others may prove to be an obstacle. Their role in the story and their respective motivations will be revealed through the colors of their clothing. We tell you everything about the colors of the Ajah!

The Women of the White Tower, holders of the One Power, are organized into seven sects, or ajahs, each targeting different goals and skills, and each represented by a color. There are 7 ayah of different colors!

The first Aes Sedai we will meet in the series is a Ajah Bleue, Moiraine Damodred. His journey to an isolated village in search of the rising Dragon is typical of the Blues, who are committed to pursuing justice by becoming directly involved in world affairs.

The vegetable is known as the ayah fighting, but since Aes Sedai is forbidden to use the Force as a weapon except in specific circumstances, this mainly means that they expect the Last Battle to start fighting.

The Aes Sedai have a particularly powerful method of healing everything from deadly wounds to simple ailments with the unique power. While most Aes Sedai can use this ability to some degree, the yellow Ajah makes it their primary focus.

The Red Ajah hunt men who can channel and stop them, remove their power or kill them. While this work is seen as a necessary evil, the Reds still have a reputation for misconduct.

The Aes Sedai of brown focus on studying and collecting all kinds of knowledge. They are often seen as distracted, more interested in books than in the real world.

The ayah with the fewest members is Ajah Blanc. Known for being logical and impartial, whites are devoted to the study of philosophy and are rarely present outside the White Tower.

The Gray Ajah are mediators, who look for peaceful solutions between political leaders. They spend more time in the world than Whites and Bruns, but probably won’t feature much in the main plot of the series.

Unofficially, there is an eighth suit of Aes Sedai. They call themselves the Black Ajah, this group of Aes Sedai consists of friends of the dark who have sworn to fight alongside the Dark One. Each member is officially associated with one of the seven Ajahs of the White Tower, but at some point in their life they have turned their backs on their duties to serve the Dark One. However, they continue to wear the colors of other Ajahs to hide their true loyalties.


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