What To Expect From NCIS Season 19 Christmas Episode & More


There’s a chance that you caught our previous report on this subject but if not, let’s go ahead and get the bad news out of the way: There is no Christmas episode coming for NCIS season 19.

So what is the reasoning for that? Why in the world would CBS deprive us of something beloved? We should note that, contrary to some outlandish reports that are out there, this does not mean that the network is throwing some longstanding tradition into the trash. This is hardly the first time that NCIS has shied away from celebrating the holidays, and there’s a chance that you’ll probably see a few more seasons without it, provided that the show still has multiple years still in the tank.

NCIS Season 19

We should also go ahead and say that NCIS not doing a Christmas special does not equal them being a bunch of Scrooges. There’s still a good chance the writers love doing them! Sometimes, though, there are other things that remain the priority. This time around, we could easily imagine that the creative team wants to focus on integrating new characters Alden Parker and Jessica Knight; that may be the priority more so than trying to throw together a holiday episode. There may also just not be a good enough idea for one this year; that happens sometimes. When you do a ton of Christmas specials over the years, it becomes hard to think of a new angle.

In our mind, the biggest reason why there may not be a Christmas episode this year is rather simple: It just didn’t make sense with the schedule. Just look at where things are: The last episode of season 19 for the calendar year looks to be on December 6. It’s possible to do a holiday episode at that point, but it’s not required. There may have been ambivalence around that date, and it’s also possible the writers didn’t know in advance if they’d be airing in December at all. The last thing anyone wants is for there to be a Christmas episode airing out of season!

Are you disappointed that there is no NCIS season 19 Christmas episode?

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