What Is Aphantasia?


Modern science now pays great attention to the study of the human brain’s capabilities. Aphantasia is a phenomenon that has become known only recently, but it is already widely discussed around the world. This point remains poorly understood at the moment, but we can already draw some conclusions.

What Is Aphantasia?

Definition Of Aphantasia

Aphantasia’s definition says that this is a phenomenon in which a person is deprived of fantasy. In general, it is not difficult to understand this definition since “a” means “without,” and “Phantasia” means “imagination.”

People with Aphantasia are often not even aware of this peculiarity. When he closes his eyes, an ordinary person can imagine almost any picture or figure. And people with Aphantasia lack this ability.

Practice shows that this does not bring significant discomfort to people. Science does not recognize this phenomenon as a disease but simply as a person’s feature. As a result, if you have been diagnosed with Aphantasia, this does not mean that you have any brain disorders or require medication. Although full-scale research has not taken place, scientists say that about 2% of the world’s population has this feature.

Aphantasia causes have not yet been studied. Usually, Aphantasia is congenital, but some research suggests it can develop during sudden stress. The Aphantasia definition says you have nothing to worry about. Scientists are actively debating why such changes occur, but the leading theory is that the human mind is giving up functions that it no longer needs. If earlier fantasy helped to navigate the terrain, there are maps, reference books, and the Internet today.

How Do I Identify Aphantasia?

There is a straightforward test that will help you identify Aphantasia or, on the contrary, refute its presence. It is as simple as possible and does not require additional training or equipment.

It would be best to choose a geometric shape, such as a green triangle or a blue square. You can even draw them on paper if you wish. Then close your eyes and try to visualize your chosen shape. People with a good imagination can imagine more complex images, for example, castles or mythical animals. Still, people with Aphantasia cannot imagine even the simplest objects known to us from childhood.

If the test showed that you have Aphantasia, this is not a reason to be upset. You can take this as your unique feature. If you do not want to put up with this state of affairs, you can proceed to the cure.

Aphantasia Cure

Scientists from all over the world agree that the aphantasia cure should occur without medication since this is not a disease. However, if you are concerned about your health, there are several tests you can take.

Aphantasia cure usually includes a series of workouts that involve:

  • Improved memory;
  • Increase in the spectrum of emotions;
  • Improved logical thinking.

In addition, many experts advise people with Aphantasia to travel more, walk-in beautiful places and look at beautiful paintings. Therefore, it is unnecessary to go to the gallery every day, and the images can be easily found on the Internet.

Studies have shown that people with Aphantasia have wonderful and vivid dreams that are much more beautiful than those without this feature. In addition, some researchers believe that some exercise is best done when falling asleep. So, for example, as soon as you feel like you are starting to fall asleep, try to imagine something beautiful that you saw this afternoon.

The practice has shown that there is not a single person who has been able to get rid of Aphantasia completely, but there are cases when a person begins to imagine landscapes at the time of falling asleep.


Interest in Aphantasia is growing at a tremendous rate. If you or your loved ones have found this feature, this is not a reason to be afraid or worried. This phenomenon is not amenable to treatment, but you can improve the general state of your memory and get closer to solving the problem thanks to the developed methods. This kind of workout will help you feel more confident and have a good time.


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