What did Joe Biden really think when he saw Donald Trump’s video golf setup in the White House?


What did Joe Biden really think when he saw Donald Trump's video golf setup in the White House?

It’s no secret that president Joe Biden is not the biggest fan of previous president Donald Trump (and vice versa). Biden had a strong reaction when he saw the things he had left behind after Trump’s departure. “‘What a f***ing a**hole,’ Biden once said as he surveyed the former president’s toys,” according to a quote from the book, “Peril,” per People

Biden and Trump had different views on living in the White House. Bob Woodward and Robert Costa wrote that Biden reportedly referred to the White House as “the tomb,” per People. “It’s surreal … but it’s comfortable,” Biden said. “We were here for eight years, just not in this part of the residence. Spent a lot of time in the Cabinet Room and the Oval with the president. So upstairs [in the private family quarters] is new.” Biden’s wife, first Lady Dr. Jill Biden, also added, “The residence staff has been so great, trying to make it feel like home for us. We have family pictures all around, our books, some furniture we brought from home.” 

However, Trump spent a lot of his time at his favorite golf course resorts, per Forbes — and some people believe it’s because he once felt “that White House is a real dump,” according to Golf Magazine. (Trump himself later refuted that statement on Twitter, according to The Hill.) Trump was unable to shake the grip of golf courses.


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