What class is best for you in Diablo 2: Resurrected 

Diablo 2: resurrected has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to combat. From slicing and dicing hordes of evil monstrosities with melee-based classes like the barbarian and the paladin to decimating your foes with magical blizzards and fireballs using classes like the sorceress. 

A lot of us have chosen a class over the sheer badass looks of the character but there is so much more to a class than just the looks and here is what we think is the best class according to your style of play that can help you become a better Diablo 2 player in NO time!


Since Diablo 2: Resurrected has a different dictionary when it comes to classes, it might get a little confusing for some But Paladin is basically the Tank class for this MMO title. The Paladin can be a highly offensive class and a defensive class at the same time. 

You can either power up the whole team and charge at the enemies because of your high health and strength stats or you can buff your team up and use auras to help them defend against different types of damages. The Paladin class is the best for people who love a tank build if you already have some sort of experience with Tanks from your previous MMO.


The sorceress class excels at ranged magic-based combat mastering over ice, fire, and lightning. you get to cast spells that seriously damage your foes and inflict status ailments and can also shield from different types of ranged attacks coming your way from your enemies. While being the most fragile class, makes up for it with the high levels of mana. 

For people who love to fling icy spikes, fireballs and wreak havoc down on their enemies, the sorceress class works like a charm. Don’t like to get upclose and personal with your enemies? this might just be the perfect class for you to go for!


With the necromancer, you can raise armies of skeletons and other minions to fight for you while also being able to raise the corpses of your enemies to fight against you. it strongly relies on sinister magic which makes the class a little short on a-lot of other perspectives of combat but it surely isn’t a weak class.


if you prefer getting up close and personal, the Barbarian class is exactly what you are looking for. This class makes good use of swords and axes and other items in Diablo 2, as well as your lungs as shouting is a weapon you are going to frequently use if you play with this class. 

Barbarian class requires a tankier build again because of its high health and strength stats. The main job for the class is mostly to be a distraction and soak up all the damage so that your allies can focus on being as offensive as they can.


The Druid class mainly relies on bending the nature to your will to make use of it against the demons coming your way. The Druid can summon different types of elements or even creatures like ravens and oak sages to fight by his side and can also use different body modification skills that transform him into a werewolf or a bear. 

A good option for those who want a nice mix of ranged and melee abilities altogether. This makes up a pretty balanced combat experience that allows you to play both aggressively and defensively when needed.


Amazon is probably the most versatile class in the game, she can fire arrows at the enemies and can also stab her enemies with spears and use them as javelins as well. The variety of combat that this class offers is not easy for newer players to harness but Amazon class has a few of the toughest and most competitive builds in the game.


The class uses a good mix of martial arts and using deadly traps and contraptions to take out targets. this class offers a huge variety of different ninja techniques with extreme agility which makes her an ideal option for players who want to sneak up on enemies and surprise them. the class also has an impressive amount of stamina that’s really helpful when wanting to avoid danger. Well then, what are you waiting for, find the cheapest Diablo 2 Resurrected key now!

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