Wentworth Season 7 Release Date on Netflix Confirmed

Wentworth an Australian Television program is famous for its tough, harsh, violent nature. It is a prison drama which is similar to NetFlix’s famous “Orange Is the New Black”. But the storyline has taken a very different turn from the latter.

Now Season 7 of Wentworth is being aired in Australia until 30th July this year. Nowadays more than the official release date of a series, most of the audience awaits for the NetFlix release date of the same.

Now NetFlix US has gotten the official release date and other countries will receive the series soon. Over the past few years, the new season has been coming continuously to NetFlix.

Normally the show is aired first on Foxtel Australia and then made available on Netflix. This time it was speculated to arrive on NetFlix later than before. Even though the showrunners had quickly renewed the show for a season 7, the wait was only over after 1 year from the last season. Season 7 of Wentworth is being aired in Australia starting from May 28th.

This season only packs with a total of 10 episodes which is less than the past seasons which had 12 episodes each. Past seasons were available on NetFlix only 2 to 3 weeks after the official airing of the season is over. Last year right after the series concluded on September 4th, NetFlix started streaming the same on September 9th.

As the delayed streaming news was surfacing all over the internet for this season, everyone was expecting this season to stream only in August 2019. It’s now confirmed that the season 7 will be available on July 31st itself on NetFlix US.

NetFlix Canada will receive the same only in either November or December this year. This has left a lot of Canadian audiences upset. NetFlix UK and Australia will not get the show at all. In December of 2018, Wentworth was renewed for Season 8.

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