Walker Season 2: Renewal Status, CW Release Date, Episodes List

The American western drama series ‘Walker’ is based on the 1993 television series of the same name. Serving as a reboot to the original show, ‘Walker’ has outperformed its expectations and is even at the top of CW’s best crime drama shows list.

The first season was premiered on January 21, 2021, starring famed ‘Supernatural’ star Jared Padalecki as the titular character. The story follows the events that surround Cordell Walker after his return from undercover work. Unfortunately, there seems to be more on his plates that he can handle while also having father duties to perform.

Walker Season 2: Renewal Status, CW Release Date, Episodes List

With the first season still ongoing, fans are already eager to know what is written in the future for their favorite western-drama tv series. Luckily, CW has given some positive news as to the future of the Texas Rangers. So let us take a look at some exciting news.

Walker Season 2: Renewal

As seen with many CW productions, ‘Walker’ was renewed for a second season way back in February, barely a month after the first season premiere. This was primarily the result of the positive reaction that the production house received following the premiere. Fans have also taken a liking to see their ‘Supernatural’ star take on a different mantle.

Walker Season 2: Release Date

Though ‘Walker’ season 2 has been confirmed by the production house, it is still too early to be expecting any official release date statements from them. This can only be confirmed after the first season of ‘Walker’ has aired its season finale. Until then, fans have to wait patiently and enjoy the remaining episodes.

Walker Season 2: Episodes

The first season of ‘Walker’ has around 13 episodes to date and will have more in the coming days. Therefore, one can only speculate about the number of episodes for ‘Walker 2. However, it would most likely feature a minimum of 15 episodes for the entire season.

Walker Season 2: Renewal Status, CW Release Date, Episodes List

The next episode for ‘Walker’ season 1 will release on June 17, while the following episode will be released on June 24. So stay tuned to catch your favorite cowboy characters on screen.