Vice Season 9 Release Date, And Latest Updates


Vice Season 9 Updates: Vice is a documentary created by Shane Smith, the series is made in such a way that the viewers can get to see what really happened in reality.

The First Episode of Vice was aired on 5th, April 2013. Both seasons 1 and 2 streamed in the same year showing us the dark side of Police Brutality in Nigeria.

The IMDb rating of this series is around 8.8/10. It’s also Emmy Award-Winning Series. It mainly focuses on commendable journalism in recent times.

The series include Shane Smith, Gianna Toboni, Thomas Morton, Ben Anderson, Isobel Yeung, and Vikram Gandhi in the main lead. The series has 8 seasons with a total of 126 Episodes. It is one of the most thrilling series which can make us sit on edge of our seats.

Vice Season 8 Recap

Vice Season 9

As seen in season 8th of Vice the first episode showed a rift between the Taliban & the American troops and now the Americans are vacating after 19years of war.

Also, Slade met Nigerians who are involved in suppression against them. Trump’s Acting Secretary of Defense talks about his office days.

Jason Motlagh goes back to Haiti to unveil the relationship between the Government of the US.

In the 5th episode, we can see Egypt being a victim of Human Rights Abuse.

Laurel Chor reports from Hong Kong and meets the people who have been putting their life at stake to maintain the harmony that Beijing is using. David Noriega is assigned to investigate the prison industry that has been holding back its critics to hide their profits.

What to expect in Vice Season 9: 

As one of the most loved series is back with another season and definitely has something exciting for its fans. The release date is around 1st May 2022 all the episodes will be aired in the span of 3 days.

In Season 9 the fans can expect Brutal realities and it may unveil many dark secrets of the world.


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