Updates On Adrienne Shelly’s Documentary.


Adrienne Updates: HBO has published a trailer for Adrienne, a documentary that is equal parts heartbreaking and heartfelt that will broadcast on December 1. The film will depict the tale of Adrienne Shelly’s incredible life, directed by Andy Ostroy, the late Adrienne Shelly’s husband.

Shelly wore numerous hats throughout her life, including actor, filmmaker, wife, and most significantly, mother. The late actor appeared in almost twenty films, including The Unbelievable Truth and Trust.

Shelly brought women to the forefront as a writer and directors by making them the stars of her works. She wrote and directed a number of films, the most well-known of which was Waitress, which was a smash hit at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007.

Beyond Sundance, the film starring Keri Russell (The Americans) and Nathan Fillion (Castle) gained acclaim from critics and audiences alike and was even adapted for Broadway, starring Sara Bareilles. Shelly will never experience the amazing success of her hard work since she was murdered in late 2006, in a dark and terrible twist of fate.

Despite the fact that the murder was initially deemed a suicide, Ostroy fought the authorities and would go to any length to ensure his late wife’s killer was brought to justice.

Adrienne Trailer


Interviews, home film, and archival footage, as well as Ostroy’s personal narrative, will be used to convey the story of this incredibly brilliant storyteller. Shelly’s family and friends will be interviewed, as well as actors Paul Rudd, Cheryl Hines, Lew Temple, Jessie Mueller, Jeremy Sisto, Russell, and Fillion, as well as Hal Hartley and Sara Bareilles.

Those who helped with her murder investigation will be interviewed, including now-retired New York City homicide investigator Irma Rivera-Duffy and forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden.

The video gives us a sneak glimpse at the documentary, which attempts to be a tribute to Shelly’s life and gives us an idea of what to expect. Ostroy and Shelly’s now 17-year-old daughter makes multiple appearances in the film, speaking of her mother and seeing the world through her mother’s eyes.

“Not a minute of every day goes by without me thinking of Adrienne and what my daughter, Sophie, has lost,” Ostroy says in a voiceover. “What has the world lost?”

While Shelly’s life ended in such a tragic way for everyone who loved her, the documentary will undoubtedly highlight how joyful, talented, loving, motivated, and passionate this mother, wife, actor, and director truly was. Adrienne premieres at 8:00 p.m. on December 1st.


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