UNL Firefly Login Portal at its.unl.edu – Employee Portal

The UNL Firefly login portal is for all employees and students of the University of Nebraska. This online portal is where all workers get to access business-related information. Enter your username and password to log in via www.its.unl.edu.

Therefore, if you are searching for information on how to log in, requirements, and how to contact support, this guide will help you learn about this and more.

Ensure you read this article to learn about UNL Firefly login.

What is UNL Firefly Login Portal?

UNL Firefly is an all-in-one portal where all employees and students of the University of Nebraska get information concerning the business. Additionally, this system is used by the Nebraska State College. To sign in, enter your eight-digit NU ID number and password. On the portal, you can update your personal information.

Furthermore, the University of Nebraska doesn’t charge its employees for signing up for this system.

Below are login requirements and processes.

The UNL Firefly Login Requirements

Here are the requirements to access the UNL Firefly portal.

  • A smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet
  • Internet connection
  • The device must have an internet browser
  • Official UNL Firefly login website: www.its.unl.edu
  • A username (UNL NU ID) and password

Steps to Login to UNL Firefly

Follow these steps to sign in to your UNL Firefly account.

UNL Firefly Login

  • Enter your username/NUID/email and password
  • Click login

When you use these steps, you will access your UNL Firefly account. Suppose you have a password or username problem. Check the process below on how to retrieve these login details.

Forgot Password

Did you forget your UNL login password? Here is how you reset your password.

  • Go to UNL Firefly’s official website
  • Scroll down and click ‘forgot password.’
  • Select whether you know your NUID or Campus ID
  • Enter the NUID or Campus ID and click ‘continue.’
  • Complete the process to reset your password.

After setting a new password, go to the login section and access your account.

Forgot Username

Forgetting My UNL, NUID, or campus ID can be a problem. This will limit you from accessing the portal and its services. Therefore, how do you reset your username? The following are steps on how to reset your username.

  • Visit the self-service UNL Firefly link: www.trueyou.nebraska.edu
  • Click ‘Lookup NUID or Username’
  • Enter the email address you used while signing up for a UNL Firefly account.
  • Follow the prompts to reset your username.

When you finish the steps, you will get your username via email.

Who is Eligible to Access UNL Firefly Portal?

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the Nebraska State College employees and students can log in to this portal.

Charges for UNL Firefly Login Portal

UNL Firefly doesn’t charge employees or students to access the portal. However, suppose you are told to pay to access the website; you can contact the support team for help.

How to Reactivate a UNL Firefly Account

Are you a former student of the University of Nebraska or the Nebraska State College systems? Suppose you want your transcripts or return them as a student; you must reactivate your account. Here is how to reactivate your account.

  • Go to www.trueyou.nebraska.edu
  • Scroll down and click reactivate the account.
  • Enter your name, date of birth, sex, and social security number on the new page.
  • Click ‘Lookup Account ID’

You will get more prompts and reactivate your account when you finish.

Contact Details of UNL Firefly Helpdesk

Do you have a password, username, or other issues with UNL Firefly? Then you should contact the support team at UNL Firefly.

Below are the contact details of UNL Firefly.

The help center operates every day from 7:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M.

What is an NUID?

Also known as the Nebraska Unique Identifier, it is a username that acts as a campus system identifier. When you have the NUID, you can log in to Firefly and access its business services.

Where Can I Find My NUID?

Check on your employee or student ID card. Here is where the NUID is printed. Suppose you don’t see the username call the helpdesk.


This is all we had for you today about the UNL Firefly login portal. If you have any questions about the sign-in steps, comment, and we will help you. Thank you.

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