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UK weather: North-south divide with ‘sunny spells’ for some and ‘hailstorms’ for others

The UK looks set to be divided on the weather front today, with those in the south expected to be enjoying sunny spells whilst northerners could be battered with fierce hail.

Yesterday’s showers will continue into the morning, but will soon clear up in the south of England and the midlands. Elsewhere, fierce winds and dipping temperatures will see stormy showers persist into the evening.

Early morning temperatures will be higher than yesterday for the lucky southerners, with people there waking up to 14C.

The north of England and Wales will be a couple of notches below that, but in Scotland and Northern Ireland early birds are set for a chilly 8C to 9C.

UK weather: North-south divide with 'sunny spells' for some and 'hailstorms' for others
Never has the north-south divide seemed more clear

Met Office meteorologist Clare Nasir explained: “First thing on Friday morning then and it’s wet and windy across much of Scotland, perhaps a dry spot for the far north-east.

“That showery rain extends down to northern England, Wales and the West Country.”

As the morning progresses, she added: “The cloud will break and you’ll see some good spells of sunshine, so brightening up or the midlands, eastern England, central-southern England.

“But then we see these showers develop across the north of England, Wales and down towards the West Country.

UK weather: North-south divide with 'sunny spells' for some and 'hailstorms' for others
Northern Ireland and Scotland will be particularly soggy also

“A rash of showers continues over the west half of Scotland, Northern Ireland seeing a few as well.”

There will also be an outside chance of thunder and hailstorms in northern regions come the afternoon and evening.

Predictably, afternoon temperatures will be more enticing down south. At around 3p.m London should hit 18C, with the rest of the south hovering around 17C.

Northern Ireland, Scotland and the north of England are set to be around 14C, with the midlands and the east somewhere between the two extremes at 16C.

Unfortunately, the sun will soon vanish for almost all.

UK weather: North-south divide with 'sunny spells' for some and 'hailstorms' for others
At some point this weekend, we’ll all get wet

Nasir said: “Eastern England should see some brighter weather, but showers pretty much anywhere through the latter part of Friday.

“[On Saturday morning] more rain arrives across England and Wales, heavy rain at that, with gales across the south coast.

“This rain extends towards the north of Scotland.”

With a bleak weekend ahead, those lucky enough to catch some sun today should make the most of it while they can.

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UK weather: North-south divide with 'sunny spells' for some and 'hailstorms' for others
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