Trisha’s Raangi To Have An OTT Release? | Check Out The Release Date and Streaming Platform

The much anticipated and enormously waited movie Raangi is all over the paparazzi right now for being in speculations for having an OTT release. Actress Trisha, one of the most renowned south Indian actresses of all time has an insane fandom, which was all over the edge of their seats awaiting the action thriller.

The Tamil film has been reconsidering its decision to either having an OTT release or a big-screen release, well whatever the decision is, fans are anticipating it on 31 Dec 2021, the official date of release of Rangi.


As the conditions for corona have worsened again, it is not wrong to state that OTT may just be the best medium for entertainment right now, so it was very much expected of the movies and web series to all having a deal done with the Digital platforms. As of now, there is no announcement regarding the release date and streaming platform. 

Raangi To Be An Unique Women Centric Film

On top of that, the movie has been rumored to be a woman-centric flick, so morally upright sounds good ain’t it? The teaser blazed the internet when it was released a year ago. We could see the drastic body transformation that Trisha has gone through since heavy work out was never her cup of tea before this movie. 

The teaser gave an insight into those brilliantly performed stunts by the actress. The first poster of the movie did an amazing job portraying a helpless but fearless Trisha getting arrested by the police, giving us subtle hints related to the anticipated plotline.

The movie is being produced under the banner of Lyca Productions and is being directed under the supervision of Saravanan. The screenplay writer is none other than A. R. Murugadoss. The music has been composed by C. Sathya. The thrilling scenes and spine-chilling stunts have been done by Shakthi, the cinematographer of Raangi.