Illegal Season 2 Release Date – Tanuj Virwani Joins The Cast

Courtroom dramas and legal war series have been entirely in the buzz right now, and why not? When filled with the whodunnit drama along with the thrill of legal constraints, these are bound to cause the adrenaline rushing all over the body.

Illegal, the web series that courted quite a loyal fandom the previous year is all set to come back with a second season.

Actors Tanuj Virwani and Neha Sharma to star in Illegal Season 2:

Interestingly, the popular silver screen actor Tanuj Virwani will be seen in the new season of the series and the well-known actress Neha Sharma.

The actor, Tanuj himself, is a big fanboy of the first season and cannot wait to join the sets of the series. He expressed how he admired and everything about the series, the plot synopsis, the character development, and the story progression as well.

He told how a dream come true for him to be working next to Piyush Mishra, a true legend and the very talented Neha Sharma, Satyadeep Mishra, and Akshay Oberoi. In this series, Tanuj Virwani will portray an intelligent, venturing capitalist individual who will be paired against Neha Sharma.

illegal 2


Premise and Plot Synopsis:

The series of this genre are widely recognized for their in-depth knowledge of the law, the shrewd and smart-ass lawyers churning their motives out of them while trying their hook and crook to check out the loopholes of the system as well to get the shit done.

The plot has also been written under the strict outlines discussed with lawyers to bring a realistic approach. The show is very much dynamic in its furtherance, and we can’t wait for the plot revelations.

The whole plot is premised around a principle rigid lawyer who can’t seem to find an escape from the villainous criminals lurking, pointing to the deficiencies of the judicial system in India.