Top Promotional Product Trends to Consider for Your Business


Through the use of promotional products, there has been a significant shift and transformation in marketing which has led to more occasions for companies to bond and engage with their customers and help them to be distinct in the market.

Many companies in the technology product and service sector have used promotional products of a technological nature in their experimental marketing strategies.  Below are few of the promotional product trends that you should consider when marketing and branding your business.

Design and Quality

Major companies bank on providing an outstanding customer experience so that their customers will buy their products again and again.  Well-designed and top quality promotional products are effective in establishing and maintaining a rewarding relationship with customers.  Many companies choose small flash drives as their tech promotional product in order to establish their brand.  Promotional USB flash drives are a great means to engage with customers and ensure long-time regular use.

Mobile Apps

In the future, top-quality and well-designed promotional products will include smartphone apps because companies can engage with customers through beneficial content for an extended time.  Promotional products that include mobile app extensions will enable them to interact with customers regularly.  A smart Bluetooth finder is an example of this concept.

Smart Promotional Products

More people are using smart devices such as fitness trackers, smart speakers as well as connected devices for their home, place of work, and even their pets.  This trend is more attractive financially since production costs are less, and a gift costs less than $20 per piece.  For a successful marketing and branding campaign, invest in smart devices to attract customers to your business with the features and uses provided by these devices.

Implementing Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) in Marketing

Apps like Snapchat are popular.  Many companies utilize this social network and are releasing new features which is centered upon Augmented Reality. The monthly user base of this network exceeds 300 million which provides an appealing platform for marketers. AR and VR are capturing a great deal of time in the lives of customers.  Marketers should give promotional products through the apps enabled by these technological advances in order to succeed.  For the company`s marketing, an Augmented T-Shirt would be a splendid promotional tool.

 Creating Customized Promotional Products from Scratch

To advertise the company`s brand, a promotional product should be built from scratch.  This personalization leads to a unique and better user experience and permits more meaningful engagement with the customers.  An example would be a bendable desktop figure in a tooth shape for a dental brandAnother example of great products with wonderful personalization capability are the custom metal bookmarks for sale at Promocenter International.  The goal is to build something of value while being distinct as customers are more likely to remember promo items which are unique.

A tailored product which portrays the brand`s message in this age of innovation is necessary.  The demand is strong for tech items due to their usefulness.  Hand out a technological product which encourages the customer to be familiar with your brand, and these tech promotional products have a much better chance of revealing the brand.  For example, wireless earbuds have several uses for the customers like listening to songs and making calls through the built-in microphone.  It is a good gift for customers as they utilize smartphones like iPhone 7 which doesn`t possess an auxiliary port for conventional headphones.  It is quite handy for those who want to avoid the entanglements that come with conventional earphones.

 High-Value Product

Cheap promotional products give the undesirable message that the company provides cheap products and poor service.  Give out more valuable, top quality items to keep customers, to find leads, to enhance the company`s credibility, and build up its reputation.  For example, a fitness tracker is a high-value fine tech promotional product that tends to gain new customers who are interested in the health industry.

Clients Need Help with ROI at Promotional Events

Promotional products are key in promotional events and trade shows.  Customers need assistance with their entire promotional event such as booth preparation, staff apparel, tablecloths, and printed marketing material.  However, your business`s promotional product branding strategy mustn`t be overlooked. 

Passing out cheap, practical items can raise brand awareness, but it is more important to generate qualified leads by choosing more expensive promotional items.

For instance, a great way to generate good quality leads at the trade show booth is to display higher-quality items but to pass out inexpensive tech promotional items such as a Smart Wallet in order to begin a conversation.  In that conversation, you can point out that in order to obtain a higher quality tech promotional item such as a power bank, they must furnish reliable information.  That strategy can result in a high-quality lead such as name, company, and contact coordinates.

In certain instances where a high-value item will be ineffective, choose an item that your audience will appreciate on an emotional level such as promotional products of both an environmental and health-related nature.  A health store owner who is concerned about environmental issues can offer quality reusable straws for people to take home.

These trends must be reflected upon in today`s competitive market where every business is offering promotional products, especially those tech products in order to obtain more leads and attract more customers.




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