Tom Girardi Makes A Stunning Claim About Erika Jayne


Tom Girardi Makes A Stunning Claim About Erika Jayne

Tom Girardi has maintained a low profile since news broke of his divorce and legal troubles. Girardi has only been seen publicly twice, the first time being at a gas station looking frail and with a black eye, as reported by People. Additionally, his mental health is declining. In response, Girardi’s brother, Robert, filed to be his temporary conservator in January. The petition described Tom’s mental state as “sadly deteriorated to the point where he cannot care for himself without assistance,” per People. Robert was named his permanent conservator on July. 

Girardi is now in an assisted-living facility. He was last seen leaving an LA restaurant in September when paparazzi asked him if Erika Jayne was aware of the scandal. He replied, “I think she does,” per Page Six. While there has been no evidence presented to corroborate this, his claim refutes Erika’s stance that she was not involved

Other housewives, however, have also acknowledged that they were aware of Girardi’s legal issues long before the news broke. Camille Grammer revealed on Twitter that she heard rumors at Andy Cohen’s baby shower in 2019, while Bethenny Frankel called his financial problems LA’s “worst-kept secret” on her podcast, “Just B,” and claimed Girardi owed her ex Dennis Shields $500,000, per Page Six. Erika’s response to the accusation will only be known when it is. 


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