This Famous Journalist Thinks There’s Only One Reason Donald Trump Wants To Be President Again


This Famous Journalist Thinks There's Only One Reason Donald Trump Wants To Be President Again

During his recent “Morning Joe” appearance, Bob Woodward shared his opinion as Trump’s impetus for his singular, frenzied goal of taking over the White House for a second term — one which, in Woodward’s mind, has little to do with the welfare of the public. Instead, according to Woodward, Trump’s desire to be president again hinges on one thing and one thing only: “the answer is: to be Donald Trump.” Expounding upon his statement, Woodward explained Trump’s White House aims are not “an agenda” meant to serve the public in any possible fashion, and that they “[do] not connect to the needs of the people in the country.” 

As Woodward explained it, Trump’s presidential aims are flawed on the basis of “disconnection” from “the struggle that people are engaged in” in their day-to-day. He then implied that Trump’s single-minded animus is the status and power the role of president entails, in as much that “the power of the presidency is so great.” Though Bob Woodward’s “Peril” co-author Robert Costa noted during the interview that many of Trump’s GOP allies told both Costa and Woodward they believe Trump will indeed officially run again for office in 2024, Trump has yet to publicly declare any plans to do so. 


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