These Horror Games Of 2021 Will Scare You!!

2021 has brought us surprisingly good games all year round. Despite the raging pandemic, here are our top 5 horror games that scared and entertained us all the time.

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Little nightmares 2

This is a successful suspense game that revolves around Mono trying to survive in a newly distorted world with a girl named Six. You will traverse dark and difficult playlands, where the universe seems to be turned upside down. Run through shadows and various nerve-racking threats that keep you on your toes. Explore the universe and try not to get caught until you arrive at the mysterious tower, which is apparently the cause of these evil changes. Little Nightmares II is the second release of this franchise and has delighted fans and players all over the world with its interesting horror game concept.

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Poppy playtime

You can’t experience fear like that of Poppy Playtime, a puzzle horror game set in an abandoned toy factory. Discover the truths of the facility, inexplicably abandoned long ago. Interact with objects and try not to encounter evil characters like the famous Huggy Wuggy. This game has managed to shock players with one of the scariest scenes of this year, where you are chased by a sharp-toothed nightmare through a tight and cramped ventilation system. Be careful not to yell too much!

These Horror Games Of 2021 Will Scare You!!

Resident Evil Village


This release was announced from 2019 and it was expected to be a good game. Resident Evil Village did not disappoint, as it offered first-person gameplay similar to Resident Evil 7. You control Ethan Winters as he tries to find his daughter in a wasteland of dangerous mutants. While many don’t consider it as horror-worthy as others, this game still has an interesting story and great graphics to keep you immersed.

These Horror Games Of 2021 Will Scare You!!


This game got a lot of praise for its ability to create a really disturbing environment, which is not for the faint of heart. Make your way up the mountain and learn about the monstrosities on your way as you start picking up stealthy approaches. A unique feature of this game is that it is not dubbed in English, but rather uses the voice of a French speaker, which adds an extra layer of interest. This horror game is high on our list for its interactive gameplay and horribly realistic fear scenes.

These Horror Games Of 2021 Will Scare You!!

The medium

The Medium is a third-party horror game where you play the medium between two completely different horror worlds. This was created with the aim of adding depth to the story by adding two different perspectives. You may recognize the music tracks and ambient as it is similar to another well known game. You’ll be shocked to learn that it was helped by Silent Hill creator Akira Yamaoka. Enjoy this horror game as you explore with witty main character and surreal environments. This game is a classic monster versus human, and is complete with ominous flashing lights and a menacing dangerous creature following your path.

These Horror Games Of 2021 Will Scare You!!


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